Take your brick & mortar to the metaverse today

We can help your business possibly make 20% more revenue, possibly get 15% more engagement, and give your customers an immersive experience that is proven to give that "wow factor" and also grows brands.

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Retail Store

In this technique we scan your actual store and make it a virtual store. We call it "Taking Brick & Mortar To the MetaVerse". The Store Clerk is INTERACTIVE. When you click the (i) on his shoulder he will talk to you. Your brick & mortar shop should be your 3D Spacial website, not a flat webpage. Retailers could have video employees on their website 24/7. Click for a demo.

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Virtual Retail Store

From a technical perspective this storefront required quite a bit in post production. We used Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Lightroom to illustrate, animate, stylize, and combine the 25 individual monoscopic panoramas into the four that you see inside the experience.

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Chroma Video

In this small demo, we show a possible use case for this new option. A character could explain things to us regarding each room on the tour, so that visually it would always be in an upper layer of the tour, allowing you to move and interact with the tour while the character continues with the explanation of the tour.

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Real Estate

With 3D Tours, properties sell up to 31% faster and at a higher price. Results from two different researchers show that 360Mall.shop's 3D virtual walkthroughs can have a measurable effect on real estate transactions.

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Introducing the new WOW feature for virtual tours. Static and Dynamic "clickable" hotspots can now be added to your website's VR videos making any objects in the video a point of sale.

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YES! The answer is YES we can make games inside your store so that people spend more time inside your BRAND! We cam help you get 15% Brand Engagement when others only get you 1-2%.

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Step into the shoes of a detective, unraveling mysteries as you navigate through a 3D VR environment, all within an atmosphere steeped in intrigue and suspense.

360Mall.shop works on all devices including the goggles. Giving your customers an immersive experience of your business is the future of shopping.

Here's why:

Increasing Adoption:

 As VR/AR technology becomes more accessible and affordable, we're likely to see a surge in adoption among consumers. This means a larger potential user base for immersive experiences offered through your business or shop.

Demand for Content:

With more people owning VR/AR devices, there will be a corresponding increase in demand for immersive content. A well-curated marketplace like 360Mall, that offers a diverse range of high-quality experiences could attract a significant portion of this demand.

Diverse Applications:

VR/AR technology is being used across various industries, including gaming, entertainment, education, healthcare, real estate, and retail. This diversity opens up opportunities for 360Mall's marketplace to cater to different user interests and needs.

Innovation and Growth:

The VR/AR market is still relatively young and undergoing rapid evolution. This presents opportunities for innovation within the 360Mall marketplace, whether it's through new types of immersive experiences, improved technology integration, or novel monetization models.

Global Accessibility:

By leveraging the internet, your immersive business can reach users across the globe, breaking down geographical barriers and tapping into a truly global audience.

Competitive Advantage: 

With 360MAll.shop, customers login with one set of credentials and can shop every store globally. Products will be shipped or delivered, and while there are existing players in the immersive marketplace space, there's still room for differentiation and innovation. We also offer and buildout unique features, a superior user experience, specialized content, we help you carve out a niche and compete effectively.


The likelihood of success for an immersive shop or business is promising, especially given the growth trajectory of VR/AR technology and the increasing appetite for immersive experiences among consumers. However, success will depend on various factors, including our ability to execute on your vision, differentiate your offering, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Even thus, 360mall has managed to raise revenue 20% and gain 15% engagements for businesses.

Check out some of the immersive examples above: